"My students and I absolutely loved the teacher you sent. My students want to know if we can keep him! I wanted to thank-you. I was a little nervous I had never heard of Dance Temp prior to now, but I got to tell you....You're wonderful."


Studio Owner, Staten Island

"We were looking for a great teacher to commit for the full year and called Dance Temp. The teacher worked out incredibly well and we plan on using Dance Temp for all our teaching needs for years to come."

Steve and Angela

Studio Owners, CT

"Every studio owner knows the deal. A teacher calls out at the last minute and there's nowhere to turn for a qualified replacement. Well, Dance Temp changed that for me. They were punctual, courteous and the students loved working with the very qualified and motivated instuctors they supplied. I recommend them to all dance studio owners."


Studio Owner, NJ

"I can't thank you enough!! It is very comforting to know that studio owners can turn to someone to find them reputable teachers."


Studio Owner, Long Island

"We needed a choreographer for some competition choreography and wanted to find someone new. We reached out to Dance Temp and they spent some time talking with us to help us find exactly what we needed. The choreographer we hired through Dance Temp was punctual, talented, pleasant to work with and the kids loved her. This service worked really well for us and we would recommend it to others."

Anita and Frank

Studio owners, NJ

"Dance Temp is a great idea! I no longer have to worry about finding a sub or a permanent teacher. Dance Temp really fills a need in the dance school community."


Studio Owner, NJ